Advent Devotionals

The next few weeks will produce many kinds of temptations to forget about Christ.  Busy with Christmas, we might ignore the meaning of these days.

Here are a few of resources to help keep you and your family focused on Christ during these days.

The Village Church. has provided an Advent Guide (PDF) that provides weekly personal and family devotionals, along with a list of suggested activities for the weeks of advent.

Desiring God is making Noel Piper’s book, Treasuring God in Our Traditions (PDF) available for free as well.  You can get a taste of the book at her blog this morning, “Theology lesson: the attributes of . . . who?.”

For years, John Piper also wrote a poem each week of Advent.  While he no longer writes those poems, you can still read about 20 years of those poems here.  And one of the most beloved of those poems, The innkeeper, has recently been published as an illustrated book.

Finally, John Piper answers the question, “Who is Quirinius Anyway?”

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