This week I’ve been thinking about the gift of our salvation, summed up in such simple words as “He saved us” (Titus 3:5).  It was God’s kindness, love, and mercy that produced our salvation.  We repeat those kinds of words frequently, but do we meditate on them and allow the weightiness of them to rest on our minds?

A recent song by Mark Altrogge and Sovereign Grace Music summarizes well the significance of this salvation given to unworthy sinners (note especially verse two):

Father, how sweet must be the pleasure
You find in Your eternal Son
For long before You made the heavens
Both You and He rejoiced as one
And long before You formed the angels
Before You made the day and night
Jesus exulted in Your presence
And He was all of Your delight

Father, what love You’ve shown to rebels
That You would send Your Son so dear
Into this world of grief and trouble
To bring unworthy sinners near
We’ll never fathom how it pained You
When You supplied the offering
To rescue those who had disdained You
To watch Your dear Son suffering

Jesus, it fills our hearts with wonder
That You would leave Your heavenly place
To take on flesh to thirst and hunger
To save the ones who spurned Your grace
You came to forfeit every mercy
To die that mercy we would find
And then You hung alone in darkness
So in our hearts Your grace would shine

Jesus, in glory You’ve ascended
Never again to leave Your throne
Because of You we are befriended
Received and welcomed as God’s own
Father, how sweet now is Your pleasure
In us, Your daughters and Your sons
We will delight in You forever
In Jesus You have made us one

Listen to it at Sovereign Grace Music.