In the summer of 1956, a group of people spent an afternoon waterskiing on Schroon Lake, NY, when they decided to go out one more time.  Though tired from the activities of the day, Dawson Trotman (the founder of The Navigators) got back into the boat for one more ride.  Also on the boat that afternoon was a young woman by the name of Allene Beck.  Trotman asked if she could swim, and when he discovered she could not, he changed places with her so she would be in a more secure spot.

A few minutes into the trip, the boat bounced dramatically over a wave and both Beck and Trotman were tossed from the boat.  Trotman, swam over to Beck and held her up so that her head remained above water until the boat circled back for the two of them.  When the boat arrived, Beck was quickly pulled into the boat, but when the boaters reached for Trotman’s hand, he sank into the lake and drowned.

A short time later, a friend broke the news to Trotman’s wife, Lila:  “Oh, Lila, he’s gone.  Dawson’s gone!”  And Lila responded immediately with the words of Psalm 115 — “Our God is in the heavens.  He does whatever He pleases.”

To say, “God does as He pleases” is not to suggest that God is unfair or unkind or uncaring in His actions or that He ignores the needs of His people.  No, it is to say that He is lovingly kind and true (v. 1).  It is to say that He is present and active in the midst of His people’s problems (v. 2).  It is to say that He speaks and sees and hears and responds to the needs of His people, unlike the man-made idols of the nations (vv. 4-8).

To say, “God does as He pleases,” is to say that God is trustworthy.  He is good, He knows, He is sovereign and we can trust Him in all things (vv. 9-11).

Whatever your circumstance today — whether difficult or easy, a trial or a blessing — God is in the heavens, doing as He pleases.  He is doing glorious things for Himself, and that glory is also for our good.  He is the Lord.  And He is trustworthy.