Preparing for a sermon on 1 John 1:9

This afternoon I’ve been thinking about tomorrow’s sermon on 1 John 1:9.  This may be one of the most well-known verses in Scripture, behind perhaps John 3:16, Psalm 23, and Genesis 1:1.

It’s easy to miss the importance of a passage because of our familiarity.  How can we prepare to hear this familiar word in fresh ways?

In reflecting on the word “confess,” in the opening clause, “if we confess our sins…” I came across this statement:

We must confess our sins in order to obtain pardon; but we must see our sins in order to confess.  How few of those who think that they have confessed and been pardoned have ever seen their sin!

Lord, give me eyes to see my sins and a heart that is grieved for those sins and a willingness to quickly confess and admit my wrong for those sins.  And give me submissiveness to the Holy Spirit as He changes my sinful inclinations.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for a sermon on 1 John 1:9

  1. Pastor Enns,
    I’m commenting for several reasons. (1.), there is a typo right at the end of your post. (2.), I’d like to thank you for your blog. It has blessed and encouraged me in more ways than you know. (3.) I had a topic I was wondering about and wondered if you’d help me out by doing a post on it. Simply put, what should a Christian be doing while another prays?

    1. Kyle,
      Thanks for the encouraging words. I’m grateful to know that this blog has been a help to you spiritually. Just the discipline of writing and thinking is helpful for me and that in itself makes it worthwhile to me — and to be a blessing to others is even more humbling and gratifying.

      And I’ll add your topic to my list of “blog topics” and try to post on it in the next week or two. Good idea.

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