What would you do and how would you act if you considered your imminent death?  Specifically, what kind of evangelist would you be if you were convinced of your soon physical demise?

Such a consideration would likely stimulate you and me to greater boldness in evangelism, which was the point of Joseph Alleine, a Puritan pastor, when he wrote:

Look often upon your dust that you shall be reduced to, and imagine you saw your bones tumbled out of your graves as they are like shortly to be, and men handling your skulls, and inquiring “Whose is this?” Tell me of what account will the world be then; what good will it do you? Put yourselves often into your graves, and look out from thence upon the world, and see what judgment you have of it then. Must not you be shortly forgot among the dead? Your places will know you no more, and your memory will be no more among men, and then what will it profit you to have lived in fashion and repute, and to have been men of esteem? “One serious walk over a church-yard,” as one speaks, “might make a man mortified to the world.”