Working with the Spirit of God

Todays Quote

Jeremy Taylor:

While the Spirit of God is doing this work [of regeneration] in man, man must also be ‘a fellowworker with God;’ he must entertain the Spirit, attend his inspirations, receive his whispers, obey all his motions, invite him farther, and truly renounce all confederacy with his enemy, sin; at no hand suffering any ‘root of bitterness to spring up,’ not allowing to himself any reserve of carnal pleasure, no clandestine lust, no private oppressions, no secret covetousness, no love to this world, that may discompose his duty… When we leave every sin, when we resolve never to return to the chains, when we have no love for the world but such as may be a servant of God; then I account that we are entered into a state of grace. [The Whole Works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, Vol. VI, Sermon XIV, p. 5]


2 thoughts on “Working with the Spirit of God

    1. Indeed!
      I’ve picked up Packer’s book, A Quest for Godliness, again; I’m determined to finish it this time because I want to be saturated more with that Puritan wisdom and zeal.

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