Inerrancy Summit, Day Two

The second day of the 2015 Shepherds’ Conference just ended.

Many highlights today, including Fernando Ortega leading music this morning, and excellent messages particularly from Steve Lawson, Ian Hamilton, and Mark Dever (who preached on Psalm 119, and read the entire Psalm as part of his message).

The single, best sentence that was beneficial for me came from Ian Hamilton:  “A true commitment to biblical inerrancy will reveal itself in a Christlike lifestyle.”  That sentence came at the end of his message and is most impactful in the context of the entire message; I commend it to you when the audio is posted online.

Here are my notes from today (again, please note that these are unedited and summary style, so there will be some typos and please do not use these as exact quotations):

  1. Miguel Nunez
  2. Carl Trueman
  3. Steve Lawson
  4. Ian Hamilton
  5. Mark Dever

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