The third day of the 2015 Shepherds’ Conference just ended.

Many highlights today, including Fernando Ortega leading music again this morning.

I particularly appreciated the message by Steve Lawson this morning, “The Invincible Power of the Word of God,” speaking on seven symbols of the Word of God:

  • a sword that pierces
  • a mirror that reveals
  • a seed that regenerates and reproduces
  • milk that nourishes
  • a lamp that shines
  • a fire that judges and consumes
  • a hammer that shatters

Here are my notes from today (again, please note that these are unedited and summary style, so there will be some typos and please do not use these as exact quotations):

  1. Steve Lawson
  2. Greg Beale
  3. Derek Thomas
  4. Al Mohler