Reading Ezekiel

Like many of the prophets, the theme of this book is quite simple. It is essential to remember that this book was written while Ezekiel himself was in captivity in Babylon, and he was writing to the Jews to get them to repent. Thus, it is also noted that it encompasses the fact that “the […]

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A short concordance for Proverbs

One of the best tools for studying Scripture is a good concordance.  Seeing how an author discusses a topic throughout a book or in his other books, or discovering how other authors discuss the same topic will help one develop a full theology on a given topic. One book where it is particularly useful to […]

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Understanding Numbers

The last couple of weeks, we have been reading the book of Numbers, which is one of the Old Testament books that people are prone to skipping or skimming because it is not readily understood. Because of that, I thought a chart of the book might be helpful to comprehending the contents and flow of […]

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Reading the Pentateuch

This year our church is following an Old Testament reading plan — reading through the entire Old Testament chronologically, along with two of the Gospels. So these first months of the year, we are in the first five books of the Old Testament — the Pentateuch.  For many books of the Bible, I have put […]

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Inexpensive ebook commentaries

Moody Publishers is making many of their commentaries in the Everyman’s Bible Commentary series available for a very price.  Most of the available books are $0.99.  While these commentaries are brief, they excel in being readable and in providing the reader with a good overview of the flow of each book and the individual passages […]

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Help for your spiritual disciplines

Too often I have experienced the phenomena of reading my Bible in the morning, closing it, and not remembering anything particular that I have read.  I don’t think my experience is unique. As Don Whitney has explained, it is often due to lack of meditation.  [His rule of one minute of meditation and reflection for […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles and blog posts I’ve spotted recently: Mike Riccardi [“Learning to Suffer Well: Trusting God’s Absolute Sovereignty”] writes, “…when we suffer, we should not seek to save God from His sovereignty. If we do that, we cut the legs out from under the solid, robust theology of God’s absolute sovereignty that we depend […]

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Don’t miss the obvious, and…

Comparisons are virtually always a bad idea (I’d say “always,” but I was taught that it’s always bad to say “always”).  Inevitably, we favor ourselves in our comparisons and we fail to be objective in those comparisons. Even in the church, it’s tempting to offer comparisons that are unfair to the ones compared.  For example, […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the couple of weeks: Greg Lucas offers “Seven Lessons from the Disability Community:” God is both sovereign and good. You have been brought into this community for a purpose. Disability magnifies our vision for joy in the smallest things. Community brings much needed perspective Outspoken men are often minorities. When marriage […]

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The Essentials — Bible study

Countryside Bible Church has hosted a conference each February for the past five years addressing the five solas of the Reformation. This year, they are beginning a new 6-year series called “The Essentials.”  In the coming years they will address six essentials to the spiritual life:  Bible study, evangelism, fellowship, prayer, service, and worship.  The […]

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2012 Bible Reading Plan

Every year many people make plans on reading through the Bible in a year.  It’s a worthy goal.  But too many get bogged down somewhere in the middle of Numbers or one of the prophets, and never make it through the Bible. What is more important than reading through the Bible in a year, is […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week: Lately I’ve been preaching and writing quite a bit about the gospel for believers.  Here is a prayer from Scotty Smith to preach the gospel to ourselves. Alan Jacobs is an excellent essayist.  I have read one of his collections of writings and another awaits reading on my […]

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