Grab bag

Recently seen around the Internet that I found interesting: I might tweak some of his counsel at the end to be a little more Biblical, but I agree with his observation that “Busyness is the new spirituality.” Nine Marks produces an e-Journal every two months that is always helpful and thought-provoking.  This month the theme […]

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Pastors, people, and joy

Yesterday, the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors concluded.  The theme of the conference was “The Pastor, the People, and the Pursuit of Joy:  The Apostolic Aim of Pastoral Ministry.” Ministry and joy.  It’s not surprising that John Piper chose those topics or that he put them together in this conference.  It is, however, likely that many […]

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Grab bag

Some random posts and articles that I’ve accumulated recently from around the ‘net: Charles Spurgeon meditates on walking with like Christ (this classic book, Morning and Evening can be downloaded in its entirety for reading at your leisure). Luther posts the 95 theses (if you’ve never really understood what the theses were all about…) Tim […]

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Shepherds’ Conference Reflections

A few remaining thoughts after the Shepherds’ Conference — Good preaching.  Good is not the correct adjective.  How about — exhorting, precise, convicting, penetrating, stimulating, passionate, articulate, helpful, equipping, joyful, consistent, and of course, Biblical. What impacted me in fresh ways this year was the similarities and the distinctions.  The preachers were all different — […]

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Praying for your pastors

Every pastor is asked on a somewhat regular basis, “how can I pray for you?”  Keith and I are no exception. Recently, pastor Ligon Duncan put together a list of seventeen things to pray for your pastor(s). Pray — That [your pastor] would know and love the living God, would have a saving interest in […]

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Free Shepherds’ Conference audio

Not only has the Shepherds’ Fellowship (a resource outgrowth of the Shepherds’ Conference held annually at Grace Community Church in Southern California) redesigned their website, but they have also made available all the audio from 2001 – 2008 for free!  In order to access the audio, you will need to create an account, but that […]

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Today’s Quote (9/28/08)

Henry Scougal, The Life of God in the Soul of Man: …preaching is an exercise of which many are ambitious, and none more so than those that are the least qualified for it; but it is not so easy a matter to perform this task aright.  To stand in the presence of God, and to […]

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The (destructive) power of words

When I was in college, I taught a couple of classes at the school that met at my church.  Frequently when one of the children was being disciplined for words that were unkind, profane, or angry, the principal would have the offending student transcribe James 3 a particular number of times.  The greater the offense, […]

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Women in the pulpit

This morning I listened to the Jackie Roese’s (pronounced “Reese”) sermon, “Fight for the Heart of Our King” at Irving Bible Church this weekend.  This was the much-discussed event in which a woman was allowed to preach at this church which has long been opposed to such an event. [Aside:  I also found on the […]

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A good sermon…

What is the basic assumption of the God-honoring pastor as he begins to preach, and the God-honoring hearers as they actively listen to that same sermon? In other words, what is the intention of the pastor in delivering his sermon? Alistair Begg answers, in his sermon, “The Pulpit: It’s Power and Pitfalls:” From the pulpit […]

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