Grab bag

Click here for more "Grab bag" entriesSome helpful articles from the last week:

“What do all of these poor motivations have in common?  Each one places the needs and interests of the evangelist ahead of the needs and interests of the other.  Evangelism should always be provoked by a sincere love of the other and by a servant-like attitude.”

The issue here isn’t just that Robertson is, with cruel and callous language, dismissing the Christian mandate to care for the widows and orphans in their distress. The issue is that his disregard is part of a larger worldview. The prosperity and power gospel Robertson has preached fits perfectly well with the kind of counsel he’s giving in recent years. Give China a pass on their murderous policies; we’ve got business interests there. Divorce your weak wife; she can’t do anything for you anymore. Those adopted kids might have brain damage; they’re “weird.” What matters is health and wealth and power. But that’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ. For too long, we’ve let our leaders replace the cross with an Asherah pole. Enough is enough.

  • Anytime you can read something by or listen to something from J. I. Packer, you are blessed.  Here are several clips of wisdom from this godly man, including the role of prayer in killing sin:

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