Grab bag

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All sin is evil. No sin is worth it. It’s always better that we not sin. However, sin is also part of the “all things” that God works together for the good of His people (Rom. 8:28). Consider 12 “goods” that can result from sin that is repented of and forgiven.

The look is more than merely resting the eyes on an intriguing sight: it is an evaluation. This is what distinguishes the lustful look from the loving look, what distinguishes the look from simply viewing the world around us—the eyes linger and as they linger, they evaluate. In a second they take in the sight and they pass judgment based on this question: “Is she worthy of me? Is he worthy of me?”

— 88 Story References
— From 16 Books of the New Testament
— Primary Places: Acts 7 and Hebrews 11
— 31 Main Characters
— Character with Most References: Moses (21) — About 1/3 are references to the Exodus.

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